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The Juristakuten Law Firm is a Stockholm Sweden area law firm serving the needs of families, individuals and businesses in all Sweden. The firm has also represented clients abroad in Europe and overseas. Fredrik Preetzmann has over 15 years of litigation experience.
Mr. Preetzmann has a general litigation practice, focusing on divorce and family law, estate planning and probate litigation, business and commercial litigation. Mr. Preetzmann prides himself on being pro-active in the way a case is handled and keeping his clients fully informed and fully involved in the litigation process. He ensures that his clients have a thorough understanding of the area of the law with which they are involved in order to enable them to make the best decisions in their case. He also works diligently to minimize the stress of his clients’ legal burdens.

Mr. Preetzmann is known for his thorough preparation and aggressive and effective courtroom advocacy in his efforts to achieve the best results possible for each client. He is also known for his ability to reach amicable and creative settlement agreements in the appropriate circumstances. Mr. Preetzmann is personally involved in each client’s case from the initial consultation until settlement or trial. He works closely with each client to ensure they receive the highest quality service during the litigation process.

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